Upcoming Exhibits: A Voice She Did Not Recognize

Not so much an exhibit as two new wings on the museum’s campus, A Voice She Did Not Recognize is a series of audio recordings by the performance troupe UDV. Over the next many years the company is recording every work written by Samuel Beckett. They began with his shorter plays and have been working their way through his catalog. Their most recent recording is Endgame.

A Voice She Did Not Recognize is destined to exist inside of concrete pedestals, inside of two basalt buildings, one of which is mocked-up in a video on display below.

The buildings will be built in the salt flats of Utah. Each will house a complete set of audio pedestals - one pedestal for each recording. The concrete pedestals will be set in the buildings’ concrete floors.

The recordings in the pedestals will be powered by solar panels on the buildings’ roofs. The buildings will each have a single entryway, with no door, open to the desert.

In one building the recordings will play through speakers set in the pedestals, a soft cacophony will echo throughout. Distinct works will resolve as a visitor nears a pedestal, though the din will still reflect all around.

In the other building each pedestal will have set atop it a pair of headphones. The room shall resound in silence. Visitors will be able to don headphones to hear the works perpetually repeating.


Documentation of A Voice She Did Not Recognize


Documentation of Not I

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