Upcoming Exhibits: New Portraits

New Portraits is pretty much what it says, a collection of nine new portraits from the prodigious hands of The MVM. These portraits include three life-size paintings and six sewn skins of photo-canvases.

The paintings are of Lady EmeraldDagger Lightning, Sweetleggs Morreteeth and The King Of Hearts of America’s Most Important Conceptual Band, Forever What?.

The photo-canvases are made up of 8 ½” x 11” photos printed on canvas and affixed to stretched canvases. The photos for each portrait are selected from the roughly one thousand macro photos we take of each model in documenting their bodies from head to toe.

All materials generated by The Museum of Viral Memory are free for the butchering under a creative commons license. Some items generated by others which we feature here are copyright protected. This is clearly stated when it is the case.
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