UDV: Introduction

UDV was founded by The MVM to record the complete works of Samuel Beckett. They are a little ways down that road, but expect to spend a lifetime reaching its end. On the way they have taken several detours into other writings by authors as diverse as Haruki Murakami and Antonin Artaud.

This is a long-term recording project. Two years ago we assembled a troupe of actors and began meeting once a week with them to rehearse and record the plays, poetry, stories, novels and non-fiction of Samuel Beckett.

We have recorded about 23 works, these include Endgame, Not I, Play, Breathe, For He And For She, Footfalls and several others. That also includes two poetry collections (counted each as individual works). We are currently recording Molloy, Malone Dies and The Unnamable, three novels, one each being read by a different troupe member.

We chose to make our first foray into the voice the works of Beckett because hearing them is the closest thing to hearing music we have ever encountered in the spoken language. His words and the diction they demand are closer to plainchant or shape note than speech. They are also the closest thing to a transcription of the inner dialogue as we have ever encountered. We believe it is for that reason that they speak so powerfully to so many. To give them life off the page, and perhaps introduce people to them is an honor as much as a passion.

UDV is:

Nancy Bower
Randolph Carter
Michaela Greeley
Duke Lee
Lee Pembleton
Libby Reed
Johnny Smith
Phil Spirito




Cascando, the play

Cascando, the poem



For He & For She

A Piece Of Monologue

Not I


Rough For Radio 1

That Time

To Have Done With The Judgement Of God (again) (written by Antonin Artaud)

Ursonate (written by Kurt Schwitters)



Documentation of Not I

Documentation of A Voice She Did Not Recognize




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