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Zion Song was an installation in The Swell Gallery of The San Francisco Art Institute, in 2005. It was the last piece we installed under the auspices of N. Senada's theory of obscurity. It was part of a juried show.

Zion Song consisted of a Sunday school felt tableau. A blue felt sky with clouds of cotton and a yellow felt sun were hung on a solid wall with a hidden room behind it (accessible from another space). Affixed at floor level to this six foot tall scene, was a small gabled felt house with an open door on its first level and two open windows on the second level. Through the door viewers looked into a terrarium containing crickets, which was actually set into the wall. Hidden at the back of the terrarium was a camera recording viewers' eyes as they looked into (and their feet as they passed by) the door.

Above this terrarium, visible through the two windows of the second floor was another terrarium which contained a single spider.

After the first week of the show, the tapes of visitors were played back on a monitor at the back of the first floor terrarium.

All in all this was a surprisingly successful piece given that it included both media and living animals.

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