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Meow was Lee's performance troupe in Chicago. Where Carnival de Carnitas was a noise band vociferously announcing the arrival of anti-noise, Meow was a conceptual troupe vociferously announcing their own departure.

They embraced p urple prose, pregnant ideas, powerful predilections and purposeless idealizations.

Adam Harris and Lee and Dan whose last name we forget...
played a variety of homemade instruments, guitar and autoharp, for this 2004 show at the Lounge Ax, accompanied by Julie Pomerleau's kitten string quartet, DJ Think and several others. The set opened with a string quartet and accordion rendition of Kiss' mega-ballad, Beth. This is Lee's only singing gig to date. No one else from MVM was there, but he tells us he wasn't half bad. Of course an enthusiastic crowd singing along always helps. Beth segued into a medley of songs, including White Lines and several Napalm Death cuts. 23 songs in 13 minutes, five minutes of which belonged to Beth.

Lee claims he doesn't remember the full set list anymore.

Here is a more recent version of Beth, because that song will just never get old. Or maybe never stop being old.

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