SFFFPTTTTTTEOEITSBAMRWRRDABSPIAPIL!A was part of the group show Preciousonian Economy at PLAySPACE Gallery in San Francisco, in 2005.

Our involvement was twofold, firstly we exhibited a clear glass pedestal, with artworks inside. These consisted of homemade microphones and recording devices. Atop the pedestal were 100 CD-r in colorful paper covers. They looked like a stack of Fruit Stripes gum. Mmmmmm.

There were 20 discs each of 5 mix tapes we had made as teens. These were free for the taking, but, you couldn't know what mix you would get, as, indeed, neither could we, because they were all mixed up. Some people took stacks in hopes of getting a complete collection. We have no idea if that worked out for anybody.

We replenished the discs throughout the show.

Our second piece consisted of Lee staffing an audio tour booth, with an audio tour we had recorded. He was there a lot, handing out CD players and headphones.

We hope to have photo documentation of the show soon.

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