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Meow was Lee's performance troupe in Chicago. Where Carnival de Carnitas was a noise band vociferously announcing the arrival of anti-noise, Meow was a conceptual troupe vociferously announcing their own departure.

They embraced p urple prose, pregnant ideas, powerful predilections and purposeless idealizations.

Adam Harris and Lee and Dan whose last name we forget...
played a variety of homemade instruments, guitar and autoharp.

For Self-Destruction Underground, Meow was complemented by an old Unix box that Adam had programmed to emit random beeps of different pitch, volume and duration throughout the band's entire set. This was insanely annoying. The computer was set on the ground dead center in the audience.

And once Meow finished playing they just sat onsatge and watched the audience get more and more annoyed and confused by the intermittent bleeps.

At some point baseball bats, metal pipes and other heavy, dangerous objects were handed out to the crowd. And eventually someone figured out that the only way the noise was going to end was if they stopped the computer themselves. Which, after initial trepidation, the audience then gleefully proceeded to do, bashing the computer into tiny pieces.

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