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A complete retelling of the MVM’s history is slowly growing below. Select recent works are in the menu to the left. A longer list resides below.

This isn't a CV so much as a list of one-off installations and creations. Tours, CDs, publications, serial works, group shows etc are scattered around the site under the various categories in which they fall, "current", "ensemble", etc.
If you swing by imdb you can find much of our work crowded into Lee's resume.


  -Our Lady Of The Impenetrable Heart

  -User 23187425

  -Une Fleuve Maudit

  -Banks Remixed

  -Styptic & MVM Present

  -Hysterical Paroxysms

  -Earth Elegy

  -Zion Song

  -Frailty, Thy Name Is Woman

  -For Fred: Lake Mountains Storage, Inc.

  -For Jared: Living Composition Number Three

  -Initial Contamination


  -Alice In Storageland

  -Rhythm Study

  -Celebration for Outliving Christ

  -Hoof And Mouth

  -Five Years Of Obscurity

  -Verse Osmosis


  -Self-Destruction Underground

  -Wall Of Noise


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