Previous Exhibits: Our Lady Of The Impenetrable Heart


Over the past three years The MVM has had a delightful relationship with TART Gallery and its owner Anne Colvin. In 2007 we were part of the group show, Three Years and Counting.

For this show Anne dug up one of our old proposals. We like to build things. And since we usually can't find the space to build the things we want at the size we want, we build them instead on a smaller scale for our action figures (yeah, there are MVM action figures) to enjoy in our stead. In this case we built a sexy submarine, the MHS Our Lady Of The Impenetrable Heart, which we had proposed building for TART, with video portholes and a sea-faring environment. This was to be a MessHall collaboration.

Given that Anne lives in TART, it was perhaps asking a bit much to put her and her husband out to sea for a month, no?

Joyfully, she fell in love with the model we made, and not onyl does it now reside in her permanent collection, she included it as part of this show.

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