Previous Exhibits: Hoof & Mouth

For a show of paintings by three artists, Inshallah Gallery in LA asked us to create a sound environment for their many spacious rooms. We did so anonymously, creating an environment of unexpected experience.

Suspended from the galleries 20' ceiling were 23 speakers, masked in ductwork and vents we hung. As well, scattered about the space were seven additonal speakers. These were located in the towel dispensers of the bathrooms, under the wine table, and behind barrred, but open windows. They were hidden from sight in every instance. Two PAs accompanied these speakers, periodically releasing their soft sounds into the mix.

Accompanying the speakers were 13 microphones hidden inside and outside of Inshallah, allowing The MVM to funnel conversations and sounds from one part of the gallery to another.

Those microphones, turntables, percussion, synthesizers, samplers and more were used in our hidden room to generate the sounds we piped throug the gallery over a five hour period.

An important goal of the piece was to keep the volume and aural movement low enough that guests to the busy opening would not notice the work, attention was never drawn to the sound as a work of art or a conscious experience. Rather it was an environment in which people moved, influenced, surprised, curious, but never actually aware.

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