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For Jared

 For Jared is the third of what we call Living Compositions. For these we compose a set of sounds to be performed over the course of a time period - one minute, one hour, one day, etc. The performer wears binaural microphones and records continuously for the length of the composition. The recorded performance is then expanded or compressed to capture the actual composed rhythm and sound intended by the composer.

Sometimes the finished work is near what we expected, other times what we end up with is a bit more of a surprise. But that's much of the beauty, a living compoistion is a musical collaboration with the world around us, life provides most of the accompaniment for the piece, we are merely a soloist performing a series of sounds over the orchestra of our lives.

For Jared is a recorded hour-long composition extended to five hours across four CD-r. The CD-r and their jewel cases were covered in gold leaf.

For Jared: Living Composition Number 3, Disc I

For Jared: Living Composition Number 3, Disc II

For Jared: Living Composition Number 3, Disc III

For Jared: Living Composition Number 3, Disc IV

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