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For Fred

The MVM's good friend Fred Jardin ran several storage facilities in San Francisco before getting his big break on the internet. In 2005, hearing that Fred was looking at land in Antarctica to build a new facility, Randolph traveled there and made a field recording of the site. For financial reasons, Randolph traveled astrally. Which meant he couldn't actually take any recording gear with him. So he had to create this recording from memory upon his return.

Fortunately, The MVM has traveled to the Arctic on a number of occasions, in the real physical flesh and gear way, and has a vast library of field recordings we made on lakes, glaciers, oceans and mountains throughout Alaska, British Columbia and the Yukon. We also have a fair number of field recordings from Antarctica made by others.

So, working from these and other sources, Randolph created this composition for Fred. It is worth noting that the site Fred originally chose and which Randolph recorded did not work out in the end. The initial crew sent out to survey the land, a large parcel beyond an intimidating mountain range, all died, with one man and one dog never accounted for. Fred has refused to speak of what he and the base crew found at the site. He brought back what remains there were for proper burial and never spoke of it again.

For Fred is an edition of 1 CD-R, packaged in a block of ice. Fred's family were unhappy with the eery occurences that took place around his home after he installed the work in his freezer. And so The MVM freed the CD for him in 2006. Documentation of that process can be found below.

For Fred: Lake Mountains Storage, Inc.

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