Previous Exhibits: Celebration For Outliving Christ


Celebration For Outliving Christ was the challenge The MVM staff set ourselves in late 2000. Over the course of one founder's 34th year of life The MVM produced and released one composition a month, in editions of ten. Each release was hand packaged in a jewel case with different etched glass and vinyl composite inserts.

Of the ten discs produced, seven were anonymously sent to persons or organizations we felt were relevant to the release. Three of each disc were set aside for inclusion in an edition of three box sets. These were given to three individuals who are of great importance to The MVM.

Below you will find documentation of the 12 discs.


oRSo V Duke Lee

Homage To Gerogerigegege

A Duke Lee Christmas



To Have Done With The Judgement Of God

An Infant's Gardens Of Glass

Dream 811

Ballet Mecanique



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