Peripherals: White Noise Wonder Woman

Video Copyright Skye Thorstenson, 2006

White Noise Wonder Woman was an evening of short form video works by Bay Area artists. We co-curated this show with Christina Turner. It ranged from gruesome performance documentation and visceral documentary to straight forward narrative drama and light-hearted comedy.

Works featured:

Heavy Metal Wonder Woman by Skye Thorstenson
Rachel by Carl Auge
Runnemede NJ 1986 by Lynn DeClemente
Kissed by Lori Gordon
How To Stay Awake by Julia DeGuzman
Breakfast by Virginia Kleker
Dice, Hammer, Alarm and Measure by Sean Horchy
White Lawn Drone by M.A. Dinkins
1416 by Elise Irving
Know Your Newspeak by Shawn Smith
Uninvited Guest by Hilary Underwood
One End by Joe Golling
Pussy Control by Matt Boyko
Put Down The Banana, Step Away From The Monkey by Amy Sampson

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