Featured Ongoing Project

Earthbound Moon is landing! The world's first non-contiguous sculpture garden landed its first artwork a mile outside Bledsoe, Texas!

The MVM's spin-off collaborative, 23E Studios, recently began the paperwork to file as a 501c3 non-profit arts collaborative. We are doing this to broaden the scope of grants and in-kind donations we can receive for producing films and artworks. The impetus is our biggest project to date, Earthbound Moon (EbM), a non-contiguous sculpture garden that covers the face of the Earth. Our first artwork was installed in Bledsoe Texas in September, 2010. We commissioned the artist Heidi Hove to create it. She dreamt up a giant, solar powered "WELCOME" sign in the desert. We're proud to say we got it up on time and only a little over-budget. 

We also lectured with Heidi at Texas Tech University, as part of the Landscape As Knowledge lecture series, and we lectured to the Master Class in Kinetic Sculpture at TTU.

Our Bledsoe site is generously supported by people like you, and funding from the Danish Arts Council.

Featured Ongoing Project

23 Entryways Into My Mind, Portal 6: 23E Studios, in conjunction with The Museum of Viral Memory and Fringe Exhibitions, Presents Disembody

Holy cow! The last year was quite the ride. And there's a year and a half left to go for 23 Entryways Into My Mind, Portal 6: 23E Studios, in conjunction with The Museum of Viral Memory and Fringe Exhibitions, Presents Disembody.

We are pleased to say that the installation of the Morgellon Theater, as part of Disembody, was a huge success at Fringe Exhibitions in Los Angeles.
We had good audiences, and the gallerist was so pleased with the show that she requested we keep it up an extra week.

We are now moving on to the next phase:

populating the wiki, so that all of the references and influences of the varied and sundry crew members can be explored

digitizing all of the footage, well over 100 hours

parsing the footage into discrete scenes

exporting each of these in multiple formats, .dv, .mpg, .mov

uploading all of the footage to our database at the internet archive

tagging every scene, so that the complete collection (literally every second of footage shot for the project over the course of a year) is easily searchable

editing a feature length documentary about the creation of this work of contemporary art.

The goal of all this is to make the project available in its entirety to the world at large. It's to be expected that we, the artists and filmmakers will make a film out of our labors, and submit ti to festivals and distributors. We're also curious to know what each crew member's individual film might be like. And so every crew member is being encouraged to create their own documentary about what happened, and to submit those to festivals.

Beyond this, we are making all of this footage available online, in high and low resolution formats, under a Creative Commons license, not just for crew, but so that anyone on Earth can use it and remix it, re-imagine it. It is our suspicion that the most fascinating visions of our work will come from those who have never heard of The MVM, from those outside our world and community.

We're also pleased to announce that the next two Portals in the series are currently in development. More news on Portal 7: A Mild Informality and Portal 8: Expansion will be forthcoming soon.

New Compositions

The MVM produced a fair amount of new music in 02011. Almost all in collaborations or bands. But here are two solo projects, something of a rarity these days.

Bad Remince is a two disc composition composed and recorded for a friend. If you run into this particular friend you may or may not be able to buy a copy of the discs from him. Or you can download the mp3s above.

working title, A Modest Proposal, isn't a composition, per se. It is more akin to conceptual music. Or autobiograudio. AMP is the layered sides of one record box of digitized opera (with a couple exceptions...). 50+ sides of vinyl one atop the other. Far and away the best solo work The MVM made in 02011.

Featured Product

The Stowe-Pembleton Project CDs Hommage An Klaus Kinski and Confusion Bleue (BRAND NEW!) are out. This is improv jazz with heavy doses of post-fusion (Nobu Stowe) and sampled chaos (Lee). They're available from Soul Note/Black Saint as compact disc and as MP3 downloads. Hoorah! You can also buy them online from Amazon, Emusic, iTunes and other fine stores.

Our next two CDs will be out in 02012 on Ictus Records. Watch for our studio recording, L'albero delle Meduse, and Live at Roulette, a live recording from Roulette in NYC!

Cuts from Hommage and Confusion can be found at the group's MySpace page.


the Morgellon

The Morgellon Theater


The Map of Vime's Mind



Mission Statement

The Museum of Viral Memory was founded by Lee Pembleton, Randolph Carter and Duke Lee in 2000. It is an ever expanding and contracting organization of artists and musicians. The MVM is a subsidiary of Nightmare City.

Today's mission statements are:

The MVM are makers of friends, not objects. Poor commercial choice. Wise life choice.

The primary focus of 23 Entryways Into My Mind is immortality:
What strategies for survival are the most effective? What actually constitutes immortality?
Where are the religious, psychological, physical, and metaphysical limits of immortality; and where are the limits in the search for immortality?
How can we constitute research of the infinite and incomprehensible?


All materials generated by The Museum of Viral Memory are free for the butchering under a creative commons license. Some items generated by others which we feature here are copyright protected. This is clearly stated when it is the case. Creative Commons License
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