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The Stowe-Pembleton Project CDs Hommage An Klaus Kinski and Confusion Bleue are out. This is improv jazz with heavy doses of post-fusion (Nobu Stowe) and sampled chaos (Lee). They're available from Soul Note/Black Saint as compact disc and as MP3 downloads. Hoorah! You can also buy them online from Amazon, Emusic, iTunes and other fine stores.

The third record was recorded in late January 2008, and is currently being mixed. The working title, and the guiding spirit for the mix is The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, a novella by H. P. Lovecraft. The album really feels like soundscapes of places to me. As I've mixed it recently, it has taken on the sounds of the different landscapes encountered in The Dream-quest. So, I have mixed it very specifically to conjure up sounds of the places described by Lovecraft. It was recorded for a Japanese label, but I've been so slogged mixing it that Gods alone know who will end up releasing it. Because it's probably too out for Soul Note, it won't officially appear as a SPP record. The band name it will likely be released under is Ovarian Dystopia Quintet.

The fourth record was recorded in late January 2009, and is also being mixed. Achille Succi , the saxophonist who joined us, suggested calling the album Jelly Fish Tree, so that's the working title. The current thought is that the album could be out in 2011.

Cuts from Hommage and Confusion can be found at the group's MySpace page.



Lee and his friend, pianist Nobu Stowe, have been performing together in various configurations for nearly a decade. Their paths have crossed in progressive rock, punk rock, fusion and improv groups.

In 2005, Stowe invited Lee to join his group, TRIO RICOCHET, as a guest artist for a series of shows on the East Coast, kicking off with an outdoor concert at the Smithsonian Institution's Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. This performance was a complement to the Visual Music show on display in the Hirshhorn's august halls. As well as performing originals and standards, Stowe and Pembleton were commissioned to compose several pieces based on works in the show. Riffing on the show's presentation of sound as artists interpret it visually, the duo's compositions offered sights as musician's interpret them aurally.

The success of this performance lead to a series of recording sessions at Wombat Recording in Brooklyn, NY in May 2006. For the first recording, Stowe and Pembleton were joined by clarinet legend Perry Robinson, reedman Blaise Siwula, drummer John McLellan and multi-instrumentalist Ross Bonadonna.

Those sessions were released in January 2008 as Hommage an Klaus Kinski, by Soul Note Records. They are available at finer music stores and as mp3 downloads from Soul Note, Amazon, Emusic and iTunes.

The title came to Nobu as he and Lee were driving around listening to rough mixes. The final track on the record reminded him of Popol Vuh's soundtrack work for Werner Herzog, and in particular of Aguirre, The Wrath of God. Being huge fans of Popol Vuh, Herzog and Kinski, the album was titled Hommage an Klaus Kinski and dedicated to those three great artists.

The second record, Confusion Bleue, was recorded a year later, again utilizing the skills of Ross Bonadonna. Added to that mix were Tyler Goodwin on double-bass and Ray Sage on drums. Confusion Bleue was released by Soul Note/Black Saint in early 2010, and is available as mp3 downloads from Soul Note, Amazon, Emusic and iTunes.

The third record is currently being mixed by Lee at The Green Door Studios. It features Ross on Nord, percussion, tabletop guitar, baritone sax and soprano sax, Jason Bivins on guitar, and Taha Belal on field recordings. It was recorded at the behest of a particular label, who have right of first refusal to it. With any luck it will be released in mid or late 2009.

In early 2009, Lee and Nobu returned to the studio to record with saxophonist Achille Succi, drummer Alan Munshower, and double bassist Daniel Barbiero (whom Lee recorded a duo record with in late 2008 under the name ~=<3, produced by Nobu.) This record, tentatively titled Jelly Fish Tree, will be mixed this Winter, and hopefully released in early 2010.

Lee and Nobu also hope to record a duet record of SPP improvisations soon.

Bios and press:

Hommage an Klaus Kinski

Confusion Bleue

Ovarian Dystopia Quartet Your Vibrant Disease (working title)

Jelly Fish Tree (working title)

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