performance by Lee Pembleton and Andrea Williams

SLEEPWALKS explores the impact of sound on dreams by playing to a sleeping audience who then journal about their experience in the morning. Our goal for this long-term project is to create soundwalks for dreamers.

SleepWalks is performing two nights in September in Troy, New York. In October the collected dreams, data, and experience will be re-imagined through choreography, sound, costumes, and set design by the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company.
Lee Pembleton and Andrea Williams use field recordings, live samples of room resonance, and various electronically processed acoustic instruments, to improvise a twelve hour musical composition for an audience that sleeps in the performance space. Coffee and tea is served in the morning as the participants wake up, and they are asked to journal about their dreams and experiences.

During the performance Pembleton and Williams record the sound samples they use. Over the past several years, they have often been joined by Dr Todd Anderson, who records the brain states of sleepers to allow for identification of REM and deep sleep. Later, by examining the brain states of participants at the times they dreamt and comparing this with their dreams and sound files playing at those times, they look for correlations between the sounds in the improvisation and writings from the participants' dream journals. The goal of this long-term project is to compose soundwalk experiences for dreamers.

SleepWalks does not use spoken word as part of our guided dreaming. We do not use hypnosis, subliminal, nor subconscious verbal manipulation. Rather, we create an audio travelogue of abstract soundscapes; suggestions of environments.

Want to hear a sample? Lower down the page you can find delicious tasty samples from 02009 and 02010 in fairly bite-size chunks.

Want to participate, but can't make it to an overnight event? You can now collaborate with us remotely!
Below are twenty two mp3s, each an hour long, eleven each from September 2nd and September 9th performances. Download them, toss them into your music player of choice, and start them playing as you prepare for bed. Then let us know what you dreamt! Email us at dreams (nautilus-like symbol) sleepwalks (black hole-like punctuation) org. Please include permission or denial to share your dream on our website. Also, if you know roughly when you woke or when you dreamt (that is, approximately how many minutes into which sound file) share that with us, too.

16.09.02 2200-2300 (mp3)

16.09.02 2300-0000 (mp3)

16.09.03 0000-0100 (mp3)

16.09.03 0100-0200 (mp3)

16.09.03 0200-0300 (mp3)

16.09.03 0300-0400 (mp3)

16.09.03 0400-0500 (mp3)

16.09.03 0500-0600 (mp3)

16.09.03 0600-0700 (mp3)

16.09.03 0700-0800 (mp3)

16.09.03 0800-0900 (mp3)

16.09.09 2200-2300 (mp3)

16.09.09 2300-0000 (mp3)

16.09.10 0000-0100 (mp3)

16.09.10 0100-0200 (mp3)

16.09.10 0200-0300 (mp3)

16.09.10 0300-0400 (mp3)

16.09.10 0400-0500 (mp3)

16.09.10 0500-0600 (mp3)

16.09.10 0600-0700 (mp3)

16.09.10 0700-0800 (mp3)

16.09.10 0800-0900 (mp3)

16.09.10 0900-0916 (mp3)

Please enjoy this ear-tasty sampling they recorded at Harvestworks, NYC, in January 2009.

Silver (wav)

Silver (mp3)

And these samples, chopped out by the always brilliant and friendly Andrea, into song-like segments from a 2010 show at the Royal Panini Festival in SF.

02 (mp3)

03 (mp3)

04b (mp3)

05 (mp3)

06 (mp3)

07 (mp3)


Lee Pembleton is a musician and artist whose bio is redacted.;;

Andrea Williams is a sound artist and composer currently living in Oakland, CA. She utilizes site-specific elements and perceptual cues to reveal the unseen connections between people and their environment. Her compositions make use of field recordings, instruments, computer technologies and the sound of the performance space itself. She has led soundwalks in New York and the Bay Area, and has shown and performed both solo and with various musicians at galleries and alternative spaces, most recently the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, Diapason Gallery, NPR, Fountain Miami Art Fair, and the Mamori sound artist residency in the Amazon rainforest. Andrea is a founding member of the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology and is currently attending Mills College in California for her MFA in Electronic Music and Media



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