My Special Porpoise



My Special Porpoise is a band that sneaks up on Hollywood from behind, but with curiosity, not malice in their eyes.

Through audio recordings we are creating a new television series. Each season is hirteen 50 minute episodes of a story that does not yet exist in language. These sets of thirteen (two recorded thus far, a third going into the studio in July) constitute all of the sound, diegetic and non-diegetic, for the show. The only sound they lack is dialogue. Our goal is to get these sounds into the hands of a producer or writer who will then create a script and series to fit them, for eventual airing on TV. We think of it as creating a serial backwards, in some sense. That is, instead of a script, then shooting, with foley and soundtrack at the end, we provide the sonic trappings at the start. Some gifted writer or producer then spirits out the story we are telling, and sculpts the dialogue and visuals to the sound cues. You can hear Episode One of Season One below.

Season Three Episode One

Season Three Episode Two

Season Three Episode Three

Season Three Episode Four

Season One Episode One











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