oRSo are probably the world’s first, and certainly the world’s best, chamber folk band. The creative cover for Grampa Binto, aka Phil Spirito, oRSo was instrumental in the founding of The Museum Of Viral Memory, inspiring us to reach for the moon and all the flying detritus in orbit be damned.

Uncle Duke of The MVM joined oRSo on their second tour, in 2000, as a hired gun and has been involved with the band in one way or another ever since.

oRSo recently participated in 23 Entryways Into My Mind, Portal 6: 23E Studios, in conjunction with The Museum of Viral Memory and Fringe Exhibitions, Presents Disembody, performing at the opening of the exhibit at Fringe Exhibitions.

Phil and his wife, Libby Reed of Coat (here seen on tour with the Fruitbats), then spent one week in the 23E Studios recording studio we built in Fringe, recording the soundtrack for the film Disembody. Watch this space for mp3s from those sessions, as well as news on the soundtrack release from that film!


The wide world of oRSo can be found here:


A recent remix and video by Uncle Duke, Anniversary:

And some documentation of our live performance at the Mission Creek Music Festival in 2007


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