DJ Dhole




a few individiual tracks from the Mash-up show (all mp3):

axaxaxas MIO vs l'il wayne feat. bobby valentino and kidd kidd
inevitable cop

neon putrid vs glider

michelle ceja vs 50 cent
in da wind

pigtail jesus vs ciara feat. t-pain
go go love

coil vs missy eliot
get your gimp on

russian paul vs fergie
london summer

g-unit vs the smiths
there is a way she do it

headboggle vs gwen stefani
what are you unsynchronized for?

madonna feat. missy eliot vs the grateful dead
dark life

neon putrid vs r. kelly
real temp

nas and kanye west vs dolly parton
better than jolene

timbaland feat. nelly furtado and justin timberlake vs russian paul
give impromptu

axaxaxas mio vs t-pain feat. chris brown

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