The Stowe-Pembleton Project


The Stowe-Pembleton Project CDs Hommage An Klaus Kinski and Confusion Bleue are out. This is improv jazz with heavy doses of post-fusion (Nobu Stowe) and sampled chaos (Lee). They're available from Soul Note/Black Saint as compact disc and as MP3 downloads. Hoorah! You can also buy them online from Amazon, Emusic, iTunes and other fine stores.

The third record was recorded in late January 2008, and is currently being mixed. The working title, and the guiding spirit for the mix is The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, a novella by H. P. Lovecraft. The album really feels like soundscapes of places to me. As I've mixed it recently, it has taken on the sounds of the different landscapes encountered in The Dream-quest. So, I have mixed it very specifically to conjure up sounds of the places described by Lovecraft. It was recorded for a Japanese label, but I've been so slogged mixing it that Gods alone know who will end up releasing it. Because it's probably too out for Soul Note, it won't officially appear as a SPP record. The band name it will likely be released under is Ovarian Dystopia Quintet.

The fourth record was recorded in late January 2009, and is also being mixed. Achille Succi , the saxophonist who joined us, suggested calling the album Jelly Fish Tree, so that's the working title. The current thought is that the album could be out in 2011.

Cuts from Hommage and Confusion can be found at the group's MySpace page.


Confusion Bleue was just released by Soul Note. We are very excited to be releasing this follow-up to Hommage An Klaus Kinski on Soul Note. And we're delighted the reviews are so positive!

You can buy Confusion Bleue online from Amazon, Emusic, iTunes and other fine stores.



" It is hard to describe, but you get more musical ideas and influences in one album here, than in a dozen other, combined to organically forge a musical universe that is coherent, full of drama and cinematic evolution and story-telling. It is not about the expression of the individual supported by fellow musicians, although you get that too, but a real collective and powerful sound sculpture. It is quite ambitious in its concept, but the end result is stunning. Don't miss it."

Toma Jazz

Jazz and Blues


Stowe-Pembleton Project on Confusion Bleue is:

Nobu Stowe was born in Maebashi, Gumma, Japan. He started taking piano lessons at age 3 and composition at age 6. He moved to the US to study Music (composition) and Psychology at the University of California, at Berkeley. During this period, after discovering the music of Keith Jarrett, he started to play/compose more improvisation-oriented music. Then, he moved to Chicago to pursue graduate studies at the University of Chicago.
After receiving a Ph.D. in Psychology, he moved to Baltimore to work as a drug researcher for the NIH. Since this relocation, Nobu has lead the post-fusion unit TRIO RICOCHET and, in less than a year since the trio's public debut, has already appeared at some of the top jazz-oriented venues in the East Coast including Blue Note N.Y. (NYC), The 55 Bar (NYC), The Knitting Factory (NYC), Kavehaz (NYC), Bohemian Caverns (DC), Twins Jazz (DC) and An die Musik (Baltimore).
Besides TRIO RICOCHET, Nobu leads and co-leads various projects exploring and blending 'total-improvisation' (a la Jarrett) and 'free-improvisation'. These include solo works and duos with Lee Pembleton, Alan Munshower, Vytis Nivinskas, and Honyo Ohte.
Nobu has recently started a group with Perry Robinson in collaboration with the renowned Italian composer-percussionist Andrea Centazzo and the Pakistani tabla master Badal Roy. His fist recordings will soon be available from Konnex Records (Germany), Soul Note (Italy) and ICTUS Records (USA/Italy).

Lee doesn't go in much for writing bios. But feel free to poke around here in The Museum of Viral Memory.


ROSS BONADONNA - Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet, Guitar
Ross Bonadonna was born in Brooklyn NY, he started playing guitar at the age of seven, and studied privately with various teachers almost continuously until the age of 32, while playing in numerous band and doing commercial music for a living, at that time he opened Wombat Recording Co. where he has engineered and produced many projects. He currently plays with Eric Mingus, Ethan Winogrand, Paula Carino, and quite a few other bands and projects in the studio and on the road.

Tyler Goodwin - Double-Bass
Tyler Goodwin was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He started to play electric bass at the age of 14 and double-bass at the age of 16. He has studied jazz and classical music for 6 years under Tom Pietrycha, Roy Wiseman, Steve Lehman, and Paul Johnson (Baltimore Opera). After graduating from the Wesleyan University in Connecticut with a degree in Music, he moved to Baltimore to attend the Peabody Institute masters program to study classical double-bass. Tyler has performed with numerous jazz and rock groups (including Piece, Amphora, and the David Hanlon Trio) as well as various symphony and chamber orchestras on the East Coasts. This full schedule included an appearance at the Lincoln Center in NYC. Tyler has recorded with the Noah Baerman Trio, Sangita and Karaoke Superstars and has performed in both Singapore and France. Since receiving his M.A., he has performed with the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra (VA) and the Londontowne Symphony Orchestra (VA).

Ray Sage - Drums
Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Ray Sage (a.k.a. raceage) has been active in N.Y. since late 1987.  A versatile drummer with fire and imagination, Ray has performed with both rockers and free-improvisors alike, including Reverb Motherfuckers, Dogbowl, Marc Ribot, Ron Anderson, Adam Lane, Bonnie Kane and Charles Cohen.  He has recorded with Reverb Motherfuckers, Dogbowl (4 albums on Shimmy Disc), Pak with Ron Anderson, as well as W.O.O., W.O.O. Revelator and Mambo Mantis with Bonnie Kane (numerouns indie releases) and has toured extensively the U.S., Europe and Japan.  He is currently working with Siwula, Stowe & Sage Trio and a project with Adam Lane and Charles Cohen.  With W.O.O. Mambo Mantis, he has just finished a very successful tour of Slovenia and Croatia.


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