Defunct: Carnival De Carnitas

Carnival De Carnitas was the band of Lee, Bridgette Wilson and Julie Pomerleau. They operated in Chicago, and played around the Midwest and East Coast in the early 90's. They were an anti-noise band.

Anti-noise, you ask, what's that? Well, first off, they had lots of rules. Here are the main ones:

1) The total value of everything on stage can not be more than $100

2) All instruments must be built by the band

3) No instrument may ever be used for more than one show (this meant reconfiguring instruments every night when we toured, self-sabotage is a favorite MVM habit)

4) No live set may last more than 13 minutes

5) Alienation and armageddon are passe'. CDC is a fun band!

Secondly, if you listen to the tracks below you'll find they liked much more than noise. They liked composition and conceptual works. They were ambient improvisors as much as blistering ear bleeders. Anti-noise was summed up by the title of CDC's first cassette and tour, Noise Is Fun!

By the end of their time together, CDC was more an anti-performance troupe than anti-noise band. Elsewhere are brief descriptions of their final two shows, Wall Of Noise & Celebration.

CDC released a couple of cassettes, a 7" inch extended play single, and tracks on a handful of compilations. Below are the CDC tracks from a compilation Lee put out in 1995, The NOW Sound Of Chicago's HOT Wicker Park! These are all excerpts from longer performances. Edelwiess, in particular, is worth explaining, as it is the opening of a composed work for music boxes and roly-polies, performed at Gene Coleman's New Music showcase at the Hothouse in 1993.


And here's their cut from the H-Gun Labs compilation CD Anti-Matter. It is a piece unto itself, unlike the above.


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