Bounded by Silence




Bounded by Silence is the title of the album Lee Pembleton is recording as he travels around America on his 122 Days is a Third of a Leap Year tour. On that trip he is recording music with numerous musicians he knows. A list can be found below.

The album tells the tale of a monster living next to a lake. It is inspired by David Thomas and Comus, but will probably sound like Lee. Phil Spirito and Libby Reed - of oRSo, Coat and 23E Studios - will be forming and producing the record with Lee.

Once roughs are mixed, we'll get them up here.

Bounded by Silence is:

A native of New Haven, CT, Daniel Barbiero has been involved in creative improvised music in the Baltimore-Washington area for several years as a performer, composer, and sometime bandleader. He has worked in a variety of contexts, including modal and post-bop jazz, free improvisation, and world fusion drawing on the Indian classical and Middle Eastern musical traditions; he also backed Blue Note recording artist Greg Osby on a recent DC date. In addition, he has arranged and performed contemporary composed music, including playing in the premier of composer Robert Carl's "Changing My Spots". His solo music has been used as a setting for dance and movement. In addition, he undertook formal study of classical solo bass.

Lee doesn't go in much for writing bios. But feel free to poke around here in The Museum of Viral Memory.

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