Previous Exhibits: Une Fleuve Maudit

Une Fleuve Maudit (UFM) is, like all our work, an obsessive documentation of the world we inhabit. UFM is our grandest self-portrait to date.

Over the course of a year Lee wrote 23 compositions for field recordings. Then, wearing concealed mics, between 9/7/01 and 9/6/02 he recorded over 3000 hours of his life. Over the next four years this material was digitized and manipulated to create 23 autobiographical compositions. An additional 12 compositions were composed during this phase for a total of 35 CDs sold as a single edition.

The MVM did not keep copies of most of the tracks. We do have these 5 mp3s:

11.02.01 9:47 PM to 9:48 PM

A Year In The Life

One Minute Twenty Eight Times

Twenty Eight minutes One Time

Twenty Four Days Twenty Four Minutes

Year At A Glance

In 2007 we installed an archive of this project in the Henry Wing of the Museum of Viral Memory. It was open as Portal 3 of 23 Entryways Into My Mind in May, 2007, after which the raw materials and original recordings were buried in a time capsule as part of Portal 4.

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