Future Exhibits: Skin

Skin is a sewn canvas of 8.5” x 11” macro photographs. Over the past year, we have shot 18,000 photographs of twenty models using a macro lens to document their bodies. 2,000 of these photos are printed on 8.5” x 11” canvases and sewn together to form a new skin.

Like all our physical works Skin is sound concretized. Our audio works have at their heart a ceaseless field recording and aural documentation of life: thousands of hours of recordings, which are edited and manipulated to form autobiographies, soundtracks, visions and concretized dreamscapes. Skin is crafted from visual field recordings and edited together with needle and thread. It is a visual composition as detailed and manipulated as our audio compositions; samples from life knit together in layers and, meant to be absorbed as both background and detail, depending on the experiencer's mood and desire.

In our fantasies Skin is two ribbons of sewn photographs, each 4 photos across and 500 feet long. These are sewn back to back, and hung from a ceiling, spiraling down to the ground where they stretch off in two directions. Wrapping around Skin as it ascends into the heavens are two spiral staircases – one which takes viewer’s up one side, the other which takes them back down the other side.

Until then, we intend to continue growing this skin, adding new photos as we add models to our klatch. We will install it on floors and walls and ceilings, as necessary. It will always be accompanied by a video pedestal slideshowing through the complete photo database. And a sound pedestal with a hand-sewn book about the project atop it. The book is sewn together from damaged canvases which are not used in Skin. The text will be hand written on the back of these and will discuss the project.

Skin is about desire. It is about seeing something beautiful and profound and vital through new eyes. Skin is borne of our passion for small sounds and sights, for things people regularly overlook and block out; by necessity, to survive, we have evolved this way (one of the reasons much of this work is united under the title “Strategies For Survival”).

But these little, beautiful things are one of The MVM's passions. And proselytizing for them is what we do. It is what our music is; it is what our art is. It is the mundane magnified, it is the brutally dull amplified; it is everything that exists outside of our everyday consciousness patched into a crazy-quilt.

Skin was exhibited as part of the Media Arts Now juried exhibition at California College of the Arts in 2007.

See photo sets and documentation of Skin
(Models A-R have sets on flickr, the 50 photos of each that are sewn into Skin)


Documentation of Skin:

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