Future Exhibits: I, Audio Tour

I, Audio Tour is the logical extension of The MVM ís twin passions, audio tours and obsessively audio recording the world around us. For this work in progress, we are cataloging recordings of every major environment and event in one founder's life. We have made numerous trips to locales from his past to gather the sounds. These are paired with descriptions of every worthwhile event in his life. The project will culminate in a GPS driven, temporal autobiography in sound.

In our never-ending quest to share the experience of existence with others, an audio tour of a life seemed a wonderfully overwrought and comical work. Like much of our art and music it is a life-long practice, as opposed to an accomplishment. It is also something a listener can walk away from and return to. Indeed, given that the tour will ultimately encompass much of the Western hemisphere, it will be necessary for listeners to experience the audio tour as an ongoing part of their lives.

Ultimately, weI hope the work can serve as a sharing not just of personal history, but also of human nature and development. It will be a diary in sound and another human attempt at breaching the gulf which separates the conscious.

All materials generated by The Museum of Viral Memory are free for the butchering under a creative commons license. Some items generated by others which we feature here are copyright protected. This is clearly stated when it is the case.
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